Thursday, January 4, 2018

Social Media Accounts

Probably would have been a good idea to lead with this a few days ago, but at least I remembered it during the first week!

When I began blogging a few years back I decided on Acts 541 based, obviously, on the scripture of Acts 5:41.  As my family and I had walked through some dark and lonely times, our faith is what sustained us.  It was a season of drawing close to the Lord and meditating on Scripture day and night.  Working through the gospels and into Luke’s book of Acts I was particularly drawn to this text and found comfort in its words.  It only made sense that my blog, and eventually other social media accounts, would bear the name Acts 541.

By no means has that season or those intimate times waxed cold, but seasons do change nonetheless.  I’ve always kept the Acts 541 web site and email, but two years ago the Lord began to instill in me a desire to become less reliant on society in areas of my life and instead focus on my family, our lifestyle, and our life goals this side of Heaven.  Out of that was birthed what we have come to call Hands and Feet Homesteading. 

Currently we are urban homesteading with our primary focus on homeschooling, raising and harvesting a lot of our own food through our gardens, and raising chickens for eggs.  We, and more days I than we, dream of owning our own land where we can have bigger gardens, more chickens, some cattle, and wide open spaces for our kids to enjoy.  And in that I also have a passion to help others pursue personal goals of self reliance through understanding gardening techniques and practices that will give them success.  I’ve even tossed around the idea of starting a CSA (community supported agriculture).

All of that to say, our social media accounts (ran right now by me) can be found at the following:

Facebook: Hands and Feet Homesteading

Instagram: handsandfeethomesteading

YouTube: HF Homestead

Pinterest: Hands and Feet Homesteading

Twitter: acts541 (still havent changed this one)

We would be thrilled to have you give us a follow!


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