Monday, January 8, 2018

Gardening “How To” Series- Grow Lights

Last year we started a YouTube channel to show the progress of our seed starting and garden.  Summer quickly got away from us, so not much material was uploaded however somewhere in the mix of videos we decided to do a “How To” series based on several questions we had received from other social media sites.

One question was on our grow light system.  I cannot take credit for this set up, but please feel free to share if you like what you see!  I’ll let the video do most of the talking, but here is a materials list to help you get started:

1- 4 foot shop light (we purchase the cheap ones from Lowes that take the T-8 style bulbs)

2- 4 foot bulbs, pay attention to lumens (stay around 3000) and the Kelvin scale (around 6500K)

1 1/4” PVC Pipe: 1-50” top rail, 4-6” base pieces, sets of 2 pieces cut a different lengths for the height of your set up off of your plants

1 1/4” PVC Pipe fittings: 2-90 degree elbows, 2- Tee fittings, 4- end caps

In the video you can see how I cut the upright lengths and how to assemble the entire set up:


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