Monday, January 1, 2018

And We’re Off

Happy 2018!

Honestly, up until about 3 this afternoon it has been pretty uneventful.  Heck, we were all even in bed at like 10 last night.. except for one 18 year old who was ringing in the New Year with his better half.

So our relaxing day of eating and lounging came to an abrupt halt when my wife discovered the faucet to our downstairs tub/shower would not turn.  Like frozen in place.  Good times.

Luckily a trip to Lowe’s and about 70 dollars later we have a working shower and the water lines in the basement crawl space are freshly wrapped in insulation.  Crossing our fingers…

On a happier note, I’ve put in a bit of leg work deciding on some new pepper and tomato varieties for this summer’s garden.  Well… maybe not so much on the tomatoes.  We’ve decided to scale back the tomato operations here on the homestead.  We’ve traded quantity for quality and are focusing on about 4.. maybe 5.. varieties for fresh slicing and sauce making.

We’ve also decided to table our plans to attend the Great Appalachian Homesteading Conference in May to attend the Baker Creek Seed Company’s Spring Planting Festival at their headquarters in Mansfield, MO!  We… I…. are (am) very excited about the trip. 

So yeah, that’s the day in a nutshell.  Also trying to decide on a 2018 reading list, both Bible study and secular.  Oh, and I’ve started a diet… kind of….


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