Sunday, December 31, 2017

Who am I?

As my family says goodbye to 2017, I find myself with renewed interests in maintaining a blog.  A blog that was started years ago.  A blog that was a response to some very heavy times in our lives.

Much has changed yet much has stayed the same.  Our commitment to family, faith, and values remains just as strong.  Our sense of self sufficiency and self dependency has increased exponentially.  We were created for relationship most definitely, but we live in a world that caters to a very consumeristic, very instant gratification centered narcissism that is extremely ugly and we want no part in it.  For ourselves and for our kids.

Yet due to financial constraints, much remains the same.  At least for the here and now.  We dream of one day owning our wide open spaces where kids and grandkids will be able to roam and play.  Where gardens thrive with the fruits of our labor and the sounds of cattle and chickens can be heard in the background.  Where we can share our successes and failures of homesteading while daily walking in our relationships with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Who am I?  A husband and father that loves Jesus and dirt.  Welcome to our adventure.